Brand and Website Design for Designerie & Co.

Not gonna lie, I spent a lot of time re-branding Designerie & Co. and I’m really excited to share my journey and all the details! This is the new Brand and Website Design Designerie & Co.

What I love the most about this experience is that:

1. My purpose got clearer and figured out who I really want to collaborate with for me to be at my best.
2. I have learned new things throughout the experience and It left me a lot of life-changing lessons.
3. I got to polish both my client and design process and made me more meticulous when it comes to details.

Honestly speaking, I’ve been contemplating about re-branding because I will have to stop the business for awhile, but I fear the regrets that if the result of this decision is not what I wanted or worse, won’t do any good for my business? But after the result. I started to think that it’s the best thing that I did for my business yet.

Designerie & Company is a Design Studio that is true to helping creative and blogging entrepreneurs by building a well thought of Branding & Website Designs.

It’s our passion to craft a brand that reflects and communicates to the right audience. We make sure that your branding makes you unique and separates you from an over-saturated industry.

In the past, we created our brand in a pure feminine and light tones. Now, I have evolved into something stronger, bold and welcoming but still on the feminine side. I needed my brand to reflect the experience we are going to serve to our clients.

I start with an inspiration board and curate the images I pulled together from my secret Pinterest board. From there, I get colors and patterns to create the feel and aesthetic of want I want to express.

I am happy with the result of my inspiration board and I think they blended well with the adjectives I chose for my branding. I wanted to come up with something that expresses strength and at the same time shows elegance.

Black marble with gold is the first thing that came into my mind but I didn’t want the image to be dark because sometimes black connotes the feeling of gloominess so I mixed it up with white marble to balance and achieve minimalism. 

I added gray color because aside from it’s being timeless, It helps the transition of black marble to white marble smooth. I chose gold to express our value of quality and luxury. To feel welcoming, 

I included a warm color Taupe. We didn’t aim to lose our feminine side so we kept our blush pink color. 


Brand and Website Design Designerie & Co

I’ve always wanted a logo that is just 1 symbol but my business name is in it. This is a little bit of a challenge to me because obviously – I can’t squish the whole Designerie & Company and it’s going to be messy. The purpose of just getting 1 symbol design logo is because my business is about design, I want to trademark my works/designs with my logo without trying to ruin the beauty of the design I made for my client. I want to put a trademark without taking a lot of space on my client’s branding board.

Designerie Logo

The custom ampersand (&) represents the “d” & “c” squished together. Letter D is from Designerie and C from Company, there’s an ampersand in the middle of my business name, which I used for my logo but turned into custom so that ‘D & C’ are all together. 

The picture below is the transformation of my logo, 

Transformation of Designerie & Co. Logo
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In my website questionnaire that I answered myself, I put the purpose of my website and how I wanted it to communicate to the right audience of mine. I wanted my website easy to use and emphasize the navigation by placing some of them on my homepage but wont look to much repeating. I put most emphasis on my works’ behind-the-scenes as I wanted to show my potential clients Designerie & Co.’s creative process. I placed a short intro video on my homepage to give the visitor a glance of me, my workplace, and how I craft brands and websites.

I put the focuses (mentioned above) on the above-the-fold so users would see them immediately and makes it easier to access the other pages.

Click through the images below to see Designerie & Co’s Website Design


Branding and Web design Designerie & Co.
Designerie & Co. Branding and Website Design

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