Designerie Income Report May 2017

First Income Report: How I Made $ 1,213.61

One Time, I saw a comment from someone in a random blogging community on Facebook that says,

“Small chance or even no chance you’ll earn within your first few months on your blog/online biz. If you are then that’s bullsh. “

That gave me a reason to post my income report.

I’ll be honest, blogging isn’t an instant billionaire scheme. I’m one of the people who got inspired and impressed by the 6-figure earners out there, no lies. But a bunch of people also kept on saying that it would take years to achieve any kind of real and stable income.

Designerie Income Report May 2017
(You are going to pin me, right?)

(This post contains affiliate links and I am honest when I say I trust them 100%)

Let’s be realistic. Either starting from $50 earning in your first few months or earning $50 after 6 months are both goals, right? YES, It takes a lot of hard work and effort. You don’t achieve dream within 48 hours.

How aboutthis kind of goal. FREEDOM.

You may not get 6-figures income quickly just but.. Let’s start with¬†You.

Making full-time income while doing your passion or doing what you love, being with your family all the time, traveling around the globe, Isn’t that the best thing in the world?

6-figure income will follow. ūüôā

If you are one of the people who got discouraged, overwhelmed, and stressed when you hear blogging, freelancing, online business etc., I want you to know that It’s NOT impossible. I didn’t expect to earn this amount in my 3rd month working at home. I was thinking there’s no way I will earn this amount, especially I started with nothing, no portfolio, no anything. Just myself.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step because I’ve been there. Get your hosting and start that dream rolling.¬†

Designerie Income Report May 2017

If you want to start your own blog or website. I have created a 7-day step-by-step tutorial that will help you start your own blog with everything you need to know about putting up your own blog. No more 11 tabs on tips on how to start your own blog, I have curated all I’ve learned for an easier step-by-step tutorial.¬†

I 100% recommend¬†SiteGround¬†for hosting. I am actually posting an article why I recommend¬†Siteground. The features will won’t take your money for granted. Their¬†support team are there for you 24/7. Not to mention, they’re having their¬†60% off! Don’t let this go.¬†


Web Design Clients: $1,113.61
Website Repair Clients: $50
Afilliate Commision: $50

TOTAL INCOME: $1,213.61


Siteground: $204.55 (Went all out for 2 years and extended my domain name.)
TailwindApp: $119.88 (Invested on annual, it’s worth it though)
GeneratePress: $39.90 (100% free but you can upgrade to premium anytime)
Paypal Fees: $63.30 


PROFIT: $785.93

Here’s a proof of my income. (Excuse the -$39.95, that is¬†GeneratePress) I blurred out the names because those are the personal names of my clients and should be kept as private. Not all earnings are displayed in this image due to the reason that there’s a lot of personal things going on in my PayPal activity.

Now, you might say that’s a lot of money for expenses! Nah.My business is set, I’m sure they’re worth the money and I don’t have to think of them for a year or two. Example, GeneratePress, It’s mine forever. Siteground is there for 2 years, I literally don’t have to think about them because I am sure they are taking care of everything – Security, Repairs and making sure my website is up every second.¬†I bought Tailwind’s Annual Plan, so that’s until next year.

What did I do?

I posted my works on Instagram
Instagram is a visual place, it’s a perfect place to show your works.
Find clients on Facebook 

This is a no-brainer but effective idea.¬†If you’re just a startup, and you have nothing, like me, You can find clients through Facebook groups. Take note – competitions, there are designers like you around and looking for clients too. In my experience, I just message them personally and I prove myself. My first client trusted me not because of my works but my enthusiasm. I made her buy something she didn’t plan to buy in the first place, does that make sense?

“I was really impressed you reached out and you just “got” me and my brand and your enthusiasm was wonderful!”

But of course, If you have your portfolio to show this is surely will work + you have an advantage. 

Not everyone will choose you, yes. It’s normal and it’s okay. Just keep going.

I have automated my Pinterest using Tailwind so I can focus more on my design projects. (Take my small gift Р$15 credit on Tailwind)


2018 GOALS

  • Fully-booked the 10 slots for 2018¬†
    I haven’t accepted clients nor look for one in a very long time. I have rebranded and it took me a while. Though we’re open for 2018 bookings now (I’m looking for 10 who are ready and invested in a life-changing design experience. Is that you? Let us know)

  • Improve work-life balance

    I am just working on stabilizing my social media automation because I want to give extra time focusing on my design projects and I’m looking forward to finishing this as soon as possible,

  • Continue Learning
    This is very significant to me as I want to grow every day. I want to improve my design and challenge myself to think outside the box. I believed just researching on Pinterest is not enough so I have webinars and courses in mind to see this 2018.
  • Promote more Affiliate¬†
    I have a lot of trusted tools that I am currently using for my business and I’m excited to share all of ’em. I’m just afraid what people would think – If I am too pushy or not.
  • Create 1 product to sell
    Probably before 2019, I’m going to do this. I have a lot of products ideas. I’m still on the fence about this.

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