What is a Brand Style Guide and Why is it important for your business?

Ever wonder, What is a brand style guide? Why is it important?

Have you ever made a graphics for your blog or business and you just chose a random font and color you think just looks good? or it’s just your, you know, current mood?
How about you just made your graphics, wow! congratulation my friend! but did it match your branding? Maybe let’s say you have your branding already, logos, fonts, colors but want to know how to put them in different scenarios and how to work them out (not just now, but even in a few years from now. )

The Style Guide is the very last thing that I hand over to my clients. It’s too overwhelming for my clients to just receive a bunch of folders of the branding design files that I made. Instead, I will make a style guide that is detailed for what they can do with their branding, how they can pull out their design but still comes out within my their branding. I create a thoughtful designs and me being perfectionist would make sure that every element represents my client’s brand and has its own use.

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Now, Let’s answer the million-dollar question.

What really is brand style guide? Why you need that for your business? and… What can it do for your business? 

What is a Brand Style Guide?

Brand Style Guide is a blueprint of your branding. To elucidate, It contains all the essential information about your branding. The rules, sizes, variations etc. It has a detailed record of your branding advantages you have to and can work with.

This is the first thing you need when it comes to creating what you need for your blog or business. If it’s for your social media graphics, ads, marketing prints or whatsoever, this book will make your life easy. It will help you develop something that is within your brand.

I’ll give you an example from my brand style guide. This is my logo and I have variation of my logo. They have their own designated usage, rules and specific size. 

What is brand style guide - Designerie & Co.
What is brand style guide - Designerie & Co.

On the left side, It contains my 5 logos (primary, alternative, sub mark and favicon). I stated on each of them when and where is the perfect and right place to put them, and of course more details. On the right side, I put the rules. Do’s and dont’s of my logo. What is the best background or color matching? What is the placement and.. What is the size of it (which I always put on my clients’ brand style guide). Mainly purpose is to dictate exactly how to use the designed logo.  

Now, are you starting to see what is the importance of the brand style guide? (Get you FREE brand style guide template here!!)

Indeed, it is one of the most important things that a business should have.. Consistency is the key, isn’t it?

It is important because it makes your branding consistent. I may say this thing countless times, but consistency is the most important aspect of branding and to be known for your business you have to do your design again and again. No matter what graphic or collateral you will create for your business or blog. It needs to be within your branding. Your branding represents you and your business, you don’t want to create something for your business but doesn’t reflect your branding.

Starbucks never used Red color for their logo just because they feel like it, or they think it looks good or it’s their current mood. They may be using different variations of their logo, but it’s still within their brand. The font spacing, the logo size or even their tagline “we proudly serve Starbucks” has its own sizing.(Photo from BrandeBook.com)

If you want people to recognize you and remember you. Not just now, but also in coming years. You need to be consistent with your branding. That’s what makes the brand style guide important to your blog and business. Brand Style Guide will save you a lot of time, It will walk you through the story behind your branding and the meaning of each nitty-gritty.

Create your own brand style guide and lay everything out with my FREE Brand Style Guide Template here.

Here are few pages of Designerie & Co.’s Brand Style Guide. This can be your reference for creating your own brand style guide with my FREE Brand Style Guide Template 🙂


Just Incase you missed this..

FREE Brand Style Guide Template

Create your own brand style guide and see what it can do for you blog & business. Remember, Consistency is the key. Get the 10-page guide!

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